How to Set Up a Corporation or Company in Peru


How to Set Up a Corporation or Company in Peru

For more than 18 years we have helped formalize more than 1,800 companies in Peru, many of them from foreign investors. If you want to have some advice with us to explain our service of incorporation and formalization of companies in Peru, you can contact us to +51 (992788782) or

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Here is a summary of the steps for the constitution of company in Peru:

  1. Setting up the legal structure for your company in Peru.

There are different legal structures you can choose when forming your business. Four of them are the most used:

  • Single-Member Limited Liability Company ( Empresa Individual de Responsabilidad Limitada – E.I.R.L.)
  • Limited Liability Company (Sociedad Comercial de Responsabilidad Limitada – S.R.L.)
  • Joint Stock Company (Sociedad Anónima – S.A.)
  • Closely Held Company (Sociedad Anónima Cerrada – S.A.C.)

Depending on the type of partners, economic activities and growth rate we can advise which of them is better for your interest.

  1. Find a name of your company.

You can find and book the legal entity name in the Peruvian Public Registry (SUNARP) online.  We can assist you in the registration in “SUNARP” website . We need up to five name options, a valid ID (DNI) or passport, also need to register the name of the shareholders (people or company). 

The shareholders, directors and managers don’t have to fulfill the condition of Peruvian nationals or residents. However, legal representatives must be Peruvians or have a foreign resident card and have been registered in the Peruvian Public Registry (SUNARP).

The estimated fee is US$ 5.00 and we can also pay directly online. This reservation has a duration of 30 calendar days

  1. Create the minutes of incorporation

This should include: the identification of shareholders, description of legal representatives, company objectives, company capital, bylaws and others. This has to be signed by a lawyer except if you rely on the “DS013-2013 PRODUCE” law, which allows signing the document without a lawyer under the modality of a “Constitutive Act”.

Identification of shareholders

The shareholders can be Peruvians or foreigners, people or companies. In the case of foreigners, they can sign with their ID or passport. If the shareholder is a company or a foreigner who cannot come to Peru, a legal representative could complete the registration of your company. We can prepare the Power of Attorney (POA) to be signed in a Peruvian consulate abroad, legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru and registered in the “Registry of Mandates and Powers” of Peru in SUNARP. It also has to be officially translated into spanish. 

Description of the legal representatives

Legal representatives must be Peruvians or have a foreign resident card and have been registered in the Peruvian Public Registry (SUNARP). We can advise you in the process of obtaining your foreign resident card (“Carnet de Extranjeria»), also we offer the temporary legal representation service. There may be more than one legal representative and legal powers can be completed or partial for each of them.

Other considerations you must have:

  • The foreign ownership is allowed (In most cases with 100% participation).
  • The company can have up to a maximum of 20% foreign workers.
  • Peruvian laws do not impose any foreign exchange or capital controls.
  • A legal and fiscal address in required
  • There is no minimum capital for most companies. (they are exceptions). The capital can be in goods or cash. And could be in peruvian soles or US dollars.
  1. Public deed signature

The minutes of incorporation must be transcribed in a public deed signature. Latter must be signed by the shareholders and the notary.  

The estimated notary fee starts at US$ 150 and will increase according to the amount of social capital, number of legal representatives and others.

  1. Register your company

The notary  prepares and sends your documents (public deed signature) for registering in SUNARP. SUNARP will then verify and validate your company’s registration within 3-7 working days. We can assist you in tracking the status of your registration in SUNARP with the title number (Número de titulo). Any missing document or an incorrectly filed document will be informed by SUNARP and we can correct them with the notary.

You need to pay a SUNARP rate which is calculated based on the amount of capital (3%), number of legal representatives and the registration fee.

  1. Legal Documents

At the end you can receive the following documents in notary:

  • Statement of the Public Deed Signature
  • Proof of registration in public registers (“Anotación y Constancia de Inscripción)

Also you need to request in SUNARP the following documents for the next steps:

  • A verbatim copy of the articles of the company (Certificado Literal)
  • Certificate of legal representative powers (Vigencia de Poderes)

And depending of the type of company you create also need to buy and legalize

  • Minute book (Libro de Actas)
  • Stock registration book (Libro de Matrícula de Acciones)

In other articles in this website you can find the following steps you need in order to formalize your company in Peru that include:

  • Registered Taxpayer Status – RUC (Registro Único de Contribuyentes)
  • Formalization of Statutory Books
    Municipal Operational License
  • New employees registration process and labour legislation
  • Sectorial procedures according to your type of business
  • Trademarks and trade names registration

Also the laws and regulations for foreign nvestors.

Edwin Escalante Ramos
Gerente General y Fundador de MEP


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